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“Hey! Just WhatsApp it to me”
“I’ll Google the recipe!”
“Let’s get a Xerox of the document!”
Observe some of the common statements used by people now-a-days. The statements carry the services and the names of the brand that provide these services. This is possible only through consistent and focused communication by the brand. Checkbox possesses a high degree of business acumen and determination to fit in perfectly as ‘Your Branding Partner’.
Growing up in today’s world can mean choosing sides in our daily lives. Brushing your teeth with a Colgate or a Pepsodent. Cleansing with a Lux or with a Dettol. Commuting in a Swift or a Merc. Drinking at a CCD or a Starbucks. Our lives are filled with choices offered by different brands. Our choice depends on the brand we connect with most, emotionally. “If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.”

Checkbox with an ability to perceive your brand, can strategize your business by setting up brand visual identity, style guidelines, brand vision and value proposition for long term. Being creative and innovative, the team can ideate, conceptualize, develop and design your brand identity that customers instantly associate to. It is a task to make your customers believe in your brand. People prefer a Philips or Havells over a Nova or Kubra. That is because, over the years, Philips or Havells have emerged out of the crowd and developed trust and recognition in the community. Checkbox, with its perseverance on relationship management skills, develops a strong relation of your brand with its customers through personifying a brand image that people recognize and trust.
To stand out of the crowd. A brand has to be different from its competitors and better so that people choose them over the others. Why do people buy an Apple iPhone over a Nokia? That is because Apple iPhone has understood what the customers want and created a brand loyalty because of exceeding customer expectation time and again, thereby providing more than its competitors have to offer. Checkbox, with the experience of working with diverse industries, has understood how important it is to analyse competition and thus offers insight analysis of competitors.
With a strong focus on results, the team plans and executes communication and media actions for all proposed channels. It encourages promotional collaterals to establish and maintain product branding with a budget that is feasible for both the partners.

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Checkbox is a team of young and enthusiastic individuals who plan and execute marketing strategies to build relationships, increase your brand loyalty and sales for your product or services.


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