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SEO, Creativity and Brand Ranking in customer’s mind

I couldn’t write a short letter because I didn’t have the time.

Today, Search Engines decide the fate of a brand. This is in spite of the fact that 50% of the world’s population still has no access to internet. Half of your audience remains unchecked. If your brand is not ranking among the top five links, when people search for your type of products or services, then you are technically out of the race. The best part is that one doesn’t even know how these people are going to search for your brand. What phrases they’ll use? What keywords they will type? Or even will they even use English in the first place? It will be literally tough to keep a check. With so much uncertainty, the SEO’s specialist is expected to nurture the brand in the dynamic and competitive digital space.

Rules, rule

In such a ‘blink and miss’ online scenario, will the SEO guy wait for your profound creative to sink into the customer psyche and bring about a never-before-experienced realisation? Rarely. We need to understand that SEO comes with certain rules, which tell us how one should structure the blog; what should the ad say and in how many words without missing the keywords prescribed by the SEO specialist. Now the pressure shifts to the ‘no rules’ copy writer, who has to use ‘keywords’ without losing the creative quotient.

Again, and again

Repetition is the name of the game. As many times the brand segment and brand name repeat in the blog, so much the better says the SEO team. But since it doesn’t make a good read, the content creators don’t appreciate repetition, unless to create an effect. But the Google crawlers don’t seem to bother with these dilemmas. They are clear with their checkboxes and algorithms. And they will go about their job relentlessly. It’s the SEO specialist and the content lead, who have to arrive on a middle ground and churn the creative sea to bring out the gems that rank up the brand to the top no matter how people search.

Crisp, concise

When everything is turning digital how can marketing be left behind. And the team has to work together to arrive at the right path to take their client’s brand ahead and above by creating content that’s crisp yet summarises the legacy brand’s story in three words without missing the keyword. Crispy concise writing is appreciated in this new world. The SEO-Content duo (no matter how much they hate each other) have to team up and keep a check on what they produce for the brand as they fight for the customer’s time, space and attention.

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